Undercover Mom
Year: 2016
Format: 12x50'
Genre: Legal Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Undercover Mom

“Thank you… we’ll keep you informed”
After her 34th job interview Lisa, left widowed with debts to pay and two kids to care for, learned one important thing: to obtain a job you have to have no children!
Thanks to this lie, Lisa will become an apprentice at Enrico Vinci’s law firm.
Undercover mom at work, will Lisa manage to keep her secret and conduct her double life without forgetting who she really is?
Undercover Mom is a brilliant comedy set in the beautiful city of Naples, packed with many exhilarating characters. There are men and women, both young and old, business professionals and busy housewives, great contradictions about the people we meet in every-day life, the personification of the alternative route we decided not to take. 

Ep. 1 When Lies Are in Order

Lisa is 34, has a degree in law, two children and a mortgage on her house to pay. After her husband passed away six months ago, she has been desperately in search of a job.  Yet in order to get the job as an apprentice for the attractive, yet cynic lawyer Enrico Vinci, she has succumbed to telling a “few” lies about her private life. Lisa is clumsy and disorganized, but must prove she is both a good mother and top assistant. Her first case is not an easy one- a young woman accuses her father of having deceived her mother while at the point of death. Yet all families have something to hide, even Vinci’s…

Ep. 2 Points of View

Lisa does not give up and, thanks to the help of her new neighbor Perla, she tries to harmoniously weave her personal and professional life together. There is a lot to be done at the law office. A woman reports a case of mobbing after her pregnancy and young Antonio asks the Vinci Law Office to defend him against pressure by his parents. Antonio’s older brother Romeo, who is also Mia’s new and charming schoolmate, is ill and needs a bone marrow transplant for which only Antonio seems to be compatible…

Ep. 3 The Usual Suspects

Lisa receives a letter from the insurance company. Her husband’s mistress will be called to testify. Now that she finally has the opportunity to see this woman’s face up close, Lisa does not know whether to give into the temptation. Meanwhile, the law office is working on two difficult cases. A young couple claims to have bought a pest-ridden house and Enrico is defending an airline responsible for a serious accident. If that were not enough, there are also electrical problems at the office. It becomes difficult to work and Lisa and Enrico find themselves getting really close…too close… Meanwhile, Romeo is about to be hospitalized and asks Mia to help him make a list of things to do before the operation.

Ep. 4 Unexpected Temptation

Enrico decides to renovate the law office and organizes an inauguration party. As he is cleaning out files, however, among his father’s things he finds an old note that seriously risks calling the Vinci family’s past into question. Meanwhile, Mia tries to conceal her excitement about Romeo returning to school, but there seems to be someone else just as eager to see him… Meanwhile, Lisa’s colleague Marta forces her back into a single’s lifestyle with shopping sprees, massages and aperitifs. In fact, when Lisa shows up at the Vinci Law Office party, she looks more radiant than ever…

Ep. 5 Life to Come

The law office is defending a bank accused of unfairly treating its clients and Enrico is attacked. Romeo has finally returned to school, but Mia feels uneasy around him and avoids him… Meanwhile, it seems that Lisa gave her phone number to “one too many” men at the office party and now her phone is ringing off the hook. Enrico barely manages to hide his jealousy while Marta encourages Lisa to give her new admirers a chance. Each date is more disastrous than the last until, in yet another attempt to escape, Lisa makes a very special encounter…

Ep. 6 Awards and Punishment

Marta has a very tough mother, Elda, who shows up at the office after being accused of indirectly breaking one of her students’ bones at her dance school. Meanwhile, Romeo arrives at the school alongside a beautiful girl named Greta. Mia’s reaction is, well…a bit over-the-top. Lisa, instead, meets up with Fabrizio again and leaves him her number, feeling hopeful. Yet all odds seem to be against her. The whole family has come down with the stomach flu, Mia is completely on edge and neither Fabrizio nor Enrico seem to show any interest in her at all…

Ep. 7 A Suit or a Mask?

Enrico challenges Lisa to work on a case between a client and a textile company. She begins tasting the pleasure of professional success when her boss gives her a new gray suit. Yet perhaps she begins exaggerating… no one at the office seems to recognize her anymore and even Fabrizio comes second to her work. Meanwhile, Enrico is working on a case regarding his father’s elderly driver, which gives him a new lead on the Giusto Vinci story. Meanwhile, Perla is fine-tuning her deceitful plan for Aunt Luigia’s arrival while Mia is organizing a party at her house with friends, hoping to make peace with Romeo…and Greta.

Ep 8. Say What You Do and Do What You Say

Enrico is angry with Lisa and decides once again to exploit her as an apprentice. Yet Cardinal Balestra, currently one of their clients, is convinced Lisa is Enrico’s “secret” girlfriend and insists the two of them work on his case together. Meanwhile, Lisa wonders if she should introduce Fabrizio to her children. Mia decides to accept that Romeo and Greta are now a couple and, as chance would have it, she meets a handsome swimmer who has taken her lane… 

Ep. 9 Is It Right To Trust?

Enrico sees Fabrizio arguing with his father and decides to help him. Yet in order for Fabrizio to get what he wants, he must reveal secrets that he has not even shared with Lisa, putting their relationship to the test. Meanwhile, Mia decides to give Giacomo, the boy she met in the pool, a chance, but does not say anything about him to her mother. Even Jacopo, an apprentice at the office, and Claudia, the secretary, do not seem to want to share their new secret with anyone…

Ep. 10 Power in Weakness

A desperate man arrives at the office. His ex-wife has literally decided to split all of their things in half- saw the couch in half, the clock, the table, etc. Lisa would never believe who is behind such crazy acts nor how close her boss is to finding out her secret…Meanwhile, Jacopo’s parents arrive at the office. It seems that Jacopo has fed them a few lies, sending poor Claudia into a rage. Meanwhile, Mia is confused. Does she like Giacomo or Romeo?

Ep. 11 Eye for an Eye, Heart for a Heart

Lisa has finally paid off the mortgage on her house, but just when things seem to be looking up, her husband’s mistress, Virginia, shows up with a very unexpected surprise. With Perla’s help, Mia tries to get Romeo to forgive her. Perla, on the other hand, does not seem ready to leave with Rocco. Meanwhile, Claudia is ready to make Jacopo pay for all the lies he told his parents while the office is helping one of Giusto’s friends on a case against their son. Enrico, however, receives a phone call. His father’s health has worsened and he has one last wish…

Ep. 12 All Cards on the Table

Enrico makes an unexpected encounter at his father’s funeral that, once again, muddles up family affairs. Meanwhile, Claudia helps Jacopo prepare for his bar exam, but the two of them do not seem to have the same plans for the future. Romeo takes advantage of a medical visit in Rome to ask Mia to spend a night away from home with him. Convincing Lisa to let her go, however, is more difficult than imagined. Perla is about to leave with Rocco and is busy looking for a new nanny for the children. Meanwhile, unable to work alongside Enrico anymore, Lisa decides to quit her job at the office. The moment has arrived to reveal the truth. Yet at the Vinci Law Office, the lies never seem to end…


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Lisa Marcelli: Vanessa Incontrada
Enrico Vinci: Lino Guanciale
Perla: Chiara Francini
Marta Castelli: Giorgia Surina
Fabrizio del Corso: Andrea Bosca
Jacopo Forti: Federico Riccardo Rossi
Claudia: Gloria Radulescu
Mia: Ludovica Coscione
Giuseppe: Davide Pugliese
Romeo: Saul Nanni
Cristina: Magdalena Grochowska
Alberto: Fabrizio Rozzi
Giusto Vinci: Massimo De Francovich


Directed by: Giulio Manfredonia
Editing: Alessio Doglione
Dir. of Photography: Marco Carosi
Original Music by: GoodLab music (Tony Brundo, Pasquale Laino)