Undercover Mom 2
Year: 2018
Format: TV series 12x50'
Genre: Comedy
Language: Italian
Master: HD
Co-production: Lux Vide and Rai Fiction
Undercover Mom 2

Undercover Mom 2: twice the fun, double the trouble!

This is Lisa Marcelli:she is a single mom junior lawyer desperately seeking a job 
and deeply in love with her boss, Enrico,
who is a hard-worker serial-lover secretly married with Nina 
who wants Enrico back and who is madly jealous of Lisa 
who has a crazy best friend, Perla,
simultaneously taking care of Lisa’s family (Mia, Giuseppe and Aurora) 
and Enrico’s business (Massimo and Cassandra)!
Everything seems hopelessly messed up but along comes Enrico's best friend and Nina's lover, Diego,
who, in turn, falls in love with Lisa.
And it gets... worse!

EP.1 Omnia vincit amor (Love Conquers All)
Lisa becomes a partner at Vinci Law Firm after Enrico gives her half the firm’s shares, but now Enrico hopes she doesn’t pass her law exam so their agreement is nulled and he can the shares back. Nina, Enrico’s ex-wife, is ready to do anything to save her marriage while Massimo Altieri, a young up-and-coming lawyer, says he wants to file a lawsuit against the firm. Meanwhile, Perla finds out all her credit cards have been blocked and Lisa receives an unexpected visit from her step sister Aurora… who his about to upset the family balance.

EP. 2 Three is not a perfect number
Lisa feels guilty when she is forced, yet once again, to lie to Enrico. Meanwhile, Enrico wants Nina to sign the divorce papers, but the two of them are brought close together again while working side by side on a case. Mia is worried by how distant Romeo seems and Perla wants to prove she can easily divide her time between her new job as secretary at the firm and her job as a babysitter…

EP. 3 Whose fault is it?
Nina finds out that Lisa is the woman Enrico was seeing and is ready to take revenge. Meanwhile, the firm tackles a case regarding the mysterious deaths that take place in an obstetric unit and Lisa feels a bit excluded by Enrico and Nina. Massimo has taken on his first case and will be working on it with Cassandra, Nina’s assistant who has just arrived from London and with whom he seems to have a past. Perla tries to stand in the way of Rocco the “babysitter” while Mia discovers that Aurora is hiding a secret...

EP. 4 Parents and children
Lisa is confused. Enrico is suddenly treating her with so much kindness…and Nina looks on with fury.  While Lisa and Enrico are working on a sensitive case regarding the death of a teenager during a school field trip, an unfair and fierce competition breaks out between Massimo and Cassandra. Meanwhile, Mia is increasingly more jealous of Aurora and her friendship with Romeo. Perla, instead, seeing that Rocco seems to being doing a perfect job of babysitting, is afraid the kids have already forgotten her…

EP. 5 Sentiment and reason
Nina thinks she and Enrico have made a step towards renewing their marriage after spending the night together…that is, until Diego Venturi arrives at the firm. Diego is a charming Spanish-Italian that Enrico and Nina have been friends with forever and is also the opposing counsel on a case that is creating problems for one of Enrico’s most important clients. Lisa finds herself in an awkward position after admitting she still has feelings for Enrico to Diego and also because Aurora and Mia are at each other’s throats. Meanwhile, Rocco is convinced that Perla is more appreciative of him as a “Mr. Mom” and throws himself into his role as a homemaker...

EP. 6 A painless lie
Lisa is worried when her father appeals the juvenile court’s decision and wants to prove he is incapable of looking after his children and Aurora. A young woman who wants to re-open the case regarding her sister, who seemingly committed suicide, shows up at the firm. Massimo devotes himself to the case, but Cassandra seems more and more distracted. Enrico warns Lisa before she goes on her first date with Diego and Perla discovers with horror that she only has eyes for Rocco. Romeo breaks up with Mia and Mia starts skipping school...

EP. 7 At your own risk
Lisa is upset because Diego didn’t kiss her on their date, but she doesn’t want anyone to know and even tries showing Perla just how seductive she can be. While the firm faces a possible lawsuit regarding the complex question of vaccinations, Enrico suspects Nina is pregnant… Mia is arguing more and more with her mother over school while Rocco wants to organise a surprise dinner for Perla and asks Giuseppe to help her. Meanwhile, Massimo is forced to participate in the same therapy group Cassandra is in for addiction treatment...

EP. 8 The gaze of others
Enrico agrees to pretend, for a few days, that he and Nina are together again. Nina’s father has arrived in Naples for a case he is handling and Vinci Law Firm is the opposing counsel. Lisa tries to prove, both to herself and to Perla, that she is capable of having a “non-committed” relationship with Diego. Meanwhile, Perla tries to become a perfect homemaker out of her love for Rocco. Cassandra forces Massimo to ask forgiveness from all the women he has ever slept with and Mia drops out of school and looks for a job…

EP. 9 Some day
Nina and Enrico are, once again, living under the same roof while Enrico must write a statement of defence to confirm that Lisa has custody of Aurora.  An old friend of Massimo’s seeks help from the firm when she is afraid of having accidentally hit a scuba diver while driving a jet ski. Cassandra realises she feels a bit jealous of the woman. Perla is suffering from insomnia, but doesn’t want to admit she misses Rocco. Meanwhile, Giuseppe asks Diego for help on a school play and Mia begins working as a bar tender ...

EP. 10 The verb “to love”
As agreed, Lisa gives Enrico back her shares in the firm and both of them seemingly can’t wait to be rid of each other once and for all. While working on a case regarding the unexpected pregnancy of a girl with Down syndrome, Massimo loses the file of one of Enrico’s most important cases… In order to obtain the goods confiscated from Rocco, Perla must prove he conned her. Meanwhile, Mia tries to help Romeo deal with the problems his parents are facing in their marriage and Diego shows up with an earth-shattering proposal for Lisa...

EP. 11 Ghosts and mirages
Massimo finds out that Enrico is the one responsible for his parents’ accident and questions him about it. But when Cassandra gets herself into serious trouble and risks being accused of selling drugs, she works with Lisa and Enrico to resolve the problem. Perla, who can now afford to quit working, does everything she can to sabotage the new secretary at Vinci Law Firm… Aurora asks Romeo to spend the night with her and Diego needs to find the courage to tell Lisa the brutal truth…

EP. 12 I believe you
Enrico has been accused of murder, but Lisa believes he is innocent and, together with Massimo, is ready to do anything to prove it. Yet when Enrico is put under house arrest, things become even more complicated because the presence of his children make it difficult to work on the case… Meanwhile, Perla doesn’t seem to be herself and Rocco is afraid she is depressed. Aurora disappears and Mia sets her mind on finding her all by herself so that no one worries. Lisa is so determined to defend Enrico that she doesn’t realise she’s risking much more than she imagined…


Lisa Marcelli: Vanessa Incontrada
Enrico Vinci: Lino Guanciale
Nina: Sara Zanier
Perla: Chiara Francini
Rocco: Antonio Gerardi
Massimo: Gianmarco Saurino
Cassandra: Aurora Ruffino
Diego: Iago Garcia
Mia: Ludovica Coscione
Giuseppe: Christian Monaldi
Romeo: Saul Nanni
Aurora: Beatrice Vendramin
Directed by:  Riccardo Donna
Editing: Alessio Doglione, Brunella Perrotta, Lorenzo Fanfani
Dir. of Photography: Armando Buttafava Bonalloggi
Original Music by: GoodLab music (Tony Brundo, Pasquale Laino)