How We Work

Lux Vide develops narrative models that go beyond classic genres to offer thought-provoking original points of view, which win the hearts of a wide public.

Lux Vide’s winning formula outside Italy takes the form of Mediterranean Drama, a creative enterprise distinguished by stories with solid local roots and international resonance. Stories that cross different genres, from historical drama to crime, mystery and comedy. Stories set in Mediterranean countries which reflect their values: culture, colour, light and beauty. An approach that tells things as they are, in all their complexity, through their conflicts, while constantly choosing original point of views.

To communicate a vision of Italy, infused with that beauty and openness that is typical of the Mediterranean culture, through positive and soulful characters and stories.

Since our foundation in 1992, we have consolidated such approach, which is anchored in Lux Vide’s cultural model, founded on a values-centred identity and openness to dialogue. A focus — ahead of its time — on the now central themes of diversity & inclusionThe Bible collection exemplifies this perfectly, with its twenty-one international films broadcasted in 144 countries, written and produced by Christians, Jews and Muslims together.

We have a vertically-integrated production model, which ensures high artistic and production quality. Stories are developed in our writers’ rooms, casting is in-house, scenes are shot in our own studios and every single phase of the post-production pipeline is performed in-house. The entire process is directed by Executives of international standing.