Daniele Passani


"Our production process extends from concept to broadcasting. We are a small major."

Daniele believes in teamwork and knows how to build strong relationships between all team members, from directors to runners.

He started out in Italian and international cinema with directors such as Ermanno Olmi, Marco Bellocchio, Gianni Amelio and Damiano Damiani. In the nineties, he moved to television production, working on products including La Piovra, Marshal Rocca and Commesse.

Fifteen years ago, he joined Lux Vide, where he is responsible of the conception, supervision and management of productions and co-productions. His approach has reshaped how series are developed optimizing and innovating the whole production process.

The focus on organization and the choice of an in-studio approach have enabled Daniele to streamline the production process. As Lux Vide Head of Production, he has been instrumental in successes such as Don Matteo, Coco Chanel, Augustine, Anna Karenina, Mary of Nazareth, The Boss Hunt, War and Peace, One step from Heaven and Come Dio Ci Aiuti.