Matilde Bernabei

Founder and Honorary President

"Anticipate, share and innovate are my bywords.
The challenge is to build the new, creating value."

Matilde, with her energy and passion for life, is the soul of Lux Vide. Curious and intuitive, she’s always busy creating new projects.

Setting out on her career path at an early age, Matilde had already been working as a journalist for the weekly magazine Panorama when, at the age of 21, she joined ASIP, a company engaged in technical cooperation with developing countries. After three years, she was appointed General Secretary, gaining experience that took her to Montedison. Here, at the age of just 26, she headed the employment programme for industrial cities in Southern Italy, becoming the youngest woman executive of an industrial group in Italy.

In 1984, she was appointed Strategy and New Business Director of Iniziativa Me.Ta., the Montedison Group holding company for the service sector and diversification, contributing to turn it into Italy’s third-largest holding company in only three years. In 1987, she became CEO of the newspaper “Il Messaggero”. This experience led her together with her father Ettore Bernabei to found Lux Vide, of which she became first CEO and then President, personally following the development of the company’s business and being producer of the entire library.

In 2019, she was nominated Cavaliere del Lavoro (Order of Merit for Labour), the highest honour for professional merit, by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella,  becoming the first woman of the audiovisual sector to be awarded.

Since 2022, with the acquisition of the Fremantle Group, Matilde has held the role of Founder and Honorary President, as well as Board Member with delegated authority.