President Matilde Bernabei awarded Order of Merit for Labour


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26 May 2022

An important recognition for Matilde Bernabei, President of Lux Vide, who  was recently nominated Cavaliere del Lavoro, the highest Order of merit for Labour in Italy.

The honor was awarded by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to  Bernabei and to 24 other Italian entrepreneurs, who will receive the title decoration in October –  a green-glazed gold cross with the shield of the Republic.

Before founding Lux Vide,  Matilde Bernabei was a journalist for Panorama, general secretary of Asip, strategy director at Montedison and managing director of the Publishing Company “Il Messaggero”.

Among the 25 newly appointed Knights, she is the only one coming from the audiovisual industry and the first woman in the sector  to be awarded the title.

Her name is added to other illustrious TV and film industry entrepeneurs, such as Aurelio De Laurentiis, Urbano Cairo and Fulvio Lucisano