DOC. Nelle tue mani lands in America!


  • TV Series


03 April 2023

Fox has announced the American remake of DOC. Nelle tue mani. The series will be co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Fox Entertainment Studios.

FOX’s Doc will be a new medical drama centred on the brilliant and tenacious Dr Amy Elias, chief of internal medicine at Westside Hospital in Minneapolis. When a brain injury erases the last eight years of her life, Amy has to navigate an unfamiliar world in which she does not remember the patients she has treated, the colleagues she has encountered, the soulmate she divorced, the man she now loves, and the tragedy that drove everyone away.

Luca Bernabei, Lux Vide CEO and Producer, commented: “DOC is coming to America! We are delighted that Fox has decided to produce a remake of DOC. Nelle tue mani, a significant and breakthrough series for Lux Vide and Rai. This proves that when values are high, positive and universally appealing, even Italian industry can speak to the world.”