First clapperboard on Sister Angela’s Girls 8


  • TV Series


10 June 2024

First clapperboard on the eighth season of Sister Angela’s Girls.
Filming for the series began today in Rome, with Francesca Chillemi starring as Azzurra, ready to embrace her vocation after taking her vows at the end of the last season.

“We are here because there are still people who put enthusiasm and love into imagining and creating this series, from the writers to the production team and the cast,” said our CEO Luca Bernabei on the first day of shooting.

Sister Angela’s Girls 8 is a Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, written by Elena Bucaccio, Silvia Leuzzi, Alessandro Zullato, and Anna Bottino, and once again directed by Francesco Vicario. Joining lead actress Francesca Chillemi is a renewed cast, starting with Giovanni Scifoni, who plays a character we will soon get to know.