Goodbye Sara


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26 May 2022

Dear Sara,

In the end, you gave in too. You left Lux Vide for a better place.

Many had tried to take you away from us, media owners, producers. Everyone wanted the Queen of TV series.

But you always said no. Not for money nor for career opportunities.

You stayed for Love. Love for that project that was of Ettore Bernabei and that now is Luca and Matilde’s.

You stayed to tell stories that warmed the heart, to bring to life characters that could be like good friends to the audience. You stayed to make people dream. And also to call us late at night to set us straight.

You lived a thousand lives, because in every dame, every soldier, in every priest on a bike or financial trader there was a piece of you. You chose lights, hairstyles, lines. You edited pages of scripts and cut minutes of movies. To see the light on in your office sent us home serene.

We had the best, the unique piece, the talent that is born once in a generation.

And yet, you left us.

In the end, you accepted the offer of the Only One to whom you could not say no.

Ciao Sara, our hearts break for how much we miss you.

Please keep the light on up there.

We will look at it and will go home serene, knowing that you are there.

Have a good journey,

Luca and Paola, Matilde, Stefano, Daniele, Corrado, Manuela, Marco, Luisa, Sabina, Cecilia, Elena, Francesco, Mario, Umberto, Silvia, Chiara, Jan, all of the editorial team, the Lux Vide’s administration, production, post-production, marketing and sales, Anna, Daniela and Fausto.