The first images of the TV Series “Blanca” at 78. Venice International Film Festival


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26 May 2022

It was at the 78. Venice International Film Festival, the TV series Blancaa Lux Vide production in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Jan Maria Michelini and written by:  Francesco Arlanch,  Mario Ruggeri, Luisa Cotta Ramosino, Lea Tafuri. Blanca is played by Maria Chiara Giannettawith Giuseppe Zeno and Pierpaolo Spollon and will air in autumn in prime time on Rai 1.

At the center of the series is Blanca, a young woman who became blind as a child. The loss of her older sister, at the hands of an abusive boyfriend, makes her develop a very strong sense of justice, to the point of pushing her to enter the police. His specialty is decodage,i.e. analytical listening to all audio materials of investigations, such as interceptions and interrogations. But Blanca, although she finds herself working in an environment where her disability is experienced as an obstacle, does not let herself be confined to an office and manages to demonstrate her value and her abilities. Alongside the work challenges she then finds herself having to face the sentimental ones: contention between two men, Inspector Liguori, a colleague with many secrets, and Nanni, a young unconventional cook, must decide to whom to give his heart and his trust. To help her in these adventures her most trusted friends: the guide dog Linnaeus, a female bulldog who protects and comforts her in the most difficult moments and her friend Stella, a beautician with a very exuberant character.

Lux vide had realized the first production in the world using the holophony, a special sound recording technique that allows it to be reproduced in a similar way to how it is perceived by the auditory apparatus of man.

The series has benefited from a special artistic advice of Maestro Andrea Bocelli.