The debut of THE FANTASTIC 5 wins the prime-time challenge


  • TV Series


22 January 2024

The debut of the series THE FANTASTIC 5 (8×50′) on Wednesday 17 January on Canale 5 won the prime-time challenge by winning the favour of over 3.050 million viewers and a 17.51% share.  

The TV series recounts the sporting activities, difficulties, passions and relationships of a group of Paralympic athletes from the Nova Lux Athletics Club and their new coach, Riccardo Bramanti (played by Raoul Bova), who will prepare them for the upcoming European Games. 

“I recommend that you catch up with – and give a chance to – The Fantastic 5, a fiction of rare power because it does something that should be normal but in our country is a small revolution: portraying people with disabilities not only as positive and virtuous heroes […] The pace is fast, not surprisingly produced by Lux Vide, the same production company as DOC and Blanca”. 
(Mario Manca, Vanity Fair) 

The series benefited from the technical support of the Italian Paralympic Committee, these are the words of President Luca Pancalli:  
“The strength of this series was being able to tell the story with humility. You did well because you listened and allowed yourselves to be guided. A country also changes according to these things. I am convinced that what you have done will be an inspiration and can leave something good behind”.